Are you the Adventurous type of Explorer?Want to travel in or through, in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it. Searching for something in escape of reality?  Well, this one is for you. We will offer you the best among the best destinations that would let you explore and enjoy as well.



Happiness, Laughter, Enjoyment, Excitement and so much more awaits your adventurous body here in the paradise called puerto gallera. It might look simple but don’t you ever judge it unless you tried it. Puerto Gallera will surely remove all the bad vibes and stress in you. And the plus factor are the hot momma’s and dadduh’s wearing swim wear and the night life comedy/party/disco life is soooo cool. Just be sure to bring enough money to make sure you can go home.



Sambawan Island is Biliran’s answer to paradise. White sands, thriving marine life and warm blue waters lapping up the tree-lined shore is a must for those wanting escape from reality. Maria Benita, our good fairy must have worked wonders in this place.


Mt. Arayat is an extinct volcano located in the island of Luzon with no recorded historical eruption. Originally famous for the tales of fairies and other mystical creatures that supposedly inhabit its forests, Mt. Arayat is now considered as one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Central Luzon region.

In spite of the fantastical stories surrounding the mountain, hikers are not deterred from exploring the promising Mt. Arayat. The trail’s difficulty level is rated 4 out of 10. It can be considered a challenging hike for beginners and easy-to-moderate level for seasoned mountain climbers. Mt. Arayat is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a fascinating day-trip adventure.


If there is one fun and colorful activity that Pampanga is most know for that will be the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival is an annual event happening between January and February at Clark Freeport Zone, just a few kilometers away from Alviera. More specifically, the festival will take place at Omni Aviation Complex. The festival features multi-colored hot air balloons flying in and around the Field.

Let’s dig deeper into how enjoyable the hot air balloon festival can get.


Close to a thousand perished, more than a hundred thousand lost their homes, and billion worth of crops were damaged. The eruption also brought down the world temperature by a few centigrade.

Today, it holds a beauty that covers it tragic past. The blue-green lake on a gray-brown  crater is a sight to behold. The irony is that, it is now attracting more and more people after its sudden eruption that fend off people from the area more than a decade ago.

Experience Mt. Pinatubo. A day trek to the crater will reveal the beauty that it drew. You will even forget its disastrous history.


A fine showcase of Filipino history and craftsmanship, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan takes you back to 18th-century Philippines in the twinkling of an eye.

Architectural pieces of a bygone era, from different parts of the country, were reconstructed brick by brick, plank by plank. The noble-class mansions, wooden stilt houses, and a grand main building made of stone stand proudly in a village of cobblestone streets. To add up to the ambience, a backdrop of majestic mountains, expansive rice fields, and a running river that flows to the sea, are found in the vast property. Truly a travel destination unlike any other, this resort in Bataan is a living museum of Philippine heritage.

The traditional houses as hotel accommodations are the centerpiece of this Bataan beach resort about 125 km northwest of Manila. Even so, this destination resort does not lack in providing avenues for entertainment, relaxation, and recreation. It has the Napiya Spa, a swimming pool, private beach, gaming center, 3 restaurants, conference and banquet facilities, cultural shows, and heritage tours. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar takes pride in giving you a glimpse of the past, reliving the age-old yet distinctive Filipino traditions, while providing the luxuries and comforts of contemporary times.


Designed for nature lovers who like to escape city life but still have fun things to do, there is plenty of water and beach activities, SCUBA, hiking, a game room and lounge, meeting room and great dining, all surrounded by gorgeous forest and the blue waters of Camayan.

So if you are coming for a weekend or multiple weeks, we are pleased to have you as our guest. And don’t forget, our best attraction is right next door at Ocean Adventure, where you can catch all the fun shows, swim with dolphins and get kissed by a sea lion!


The Anawangin Cove is by far the most popular destination for campers and beach goers alike. Just the mention of the name Zambales will ring a bell for those who have gone to the cove that a trip to Pundaquit is never complete without feeling Anawangin’s mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beneath your feet.

Anawangin is the nearest cove from the town proper of Pundaquit. It also is currently the most visited and developed amongst its neighboring coves. Owned by a local family who also lives in Pundaquit, they make sure that the place is well maintained  and the shores are regularly cleaned by it’s caretakers.


Capones Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Capones Island off the coast of Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, in the province of Zambales, in the Philippines. The light guide international vessels coming from the north to northwest towards Subic Bay or to Corregidor Island Lighthouse at the entrance of Manila Bay. It has first-order lenses when it was first lit on August 1, 1890.


The waterfall is beautiful. Its not too high nor too low compared with Bagsang Falls. But the area is a bit disturbed, which can be disappointing and trash is scattered around the vicinity. There is a piece of jungle just near the rockface but other than that are cultivated and planted trees.

Along the way, one can still see medium sized rubbertrees being tapped for their valuable sap. I was told that there used to be lots of these here but the area nearest the road have been cleared. From the looks of it, this might be up for development as there have been palms being planted.

Cabunbata Falls is just seven kilometers from the city center of Isabela City along the highway going to Maluso. One can either hire a tricycle or take a Maluso bound jeep or mini bus and go down at Cabunbata Falls. There are no signages.



Higatangan Island is a part of Naval Municipality that is separated by a narrow channel located in the north west tip of Leyte. The island has several white beaches and blessed with exotic rock formations.  From the town of Mabini, which was named in memory of Apolinario Mabini, there is a 200-meter white sand bar that stretches out like a giant tongue. Because the current surrounding the sand bar is strong, some people lost their lives, some attribute this as “alay-buhay” to placate the gods. The unnaturally beautiful rock formations  along the south coast were said to be home to supernatural beings. There were cases that the a sudden big wave or a gush of wind rock the boat when passengers were being noisy.


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