Inhale, exhale. want something that would make you away from noise, pollution and want to keep a moment in reflecting? Then here are the places best for you. Just make sure to bring all your needs because this places for sure wouldn’t be able to supply it.



Following the road that leads down to the town of Talisay, you might not give this white washed house, a garage with a dome, a second look. The façade of the house is teeming with agave plant and cactuses. Right past the wooden door you will reach the rooftop that gives a non-obstructive, commanding view of the Taal lake, Mt. Makiling, Banahaw and the surrounding environ. Right before you enter the stone stairs that leads down to the two-storey glass and stone house you will notice a life size sculpture of Sabel, an enigmatic woman whom appears on various artworks of the National Artist Ben Cabrera. In fact, the one in Meteora is one of its kind as it is the only authorised reproduction with permission given by the National Artist himself. It was created by the artist Salvador Alonday whom works are scattered all around the place making it like a gallery of all his masterpieces.










QUI knocked on this huge red door for one of the most pleasant nights I had in my life. It was almost seven pm and the sky has darkened. My consort and I are cold and tired from the drive. The door opened and we were greeted pleasantly by a man, “Welcome to Chi Wellness!”

Alas! We missed the sunset overlooking the beautiful view of Taal volcano. A marvelous view of the volcano can be grasped even though the darkness of the night covered it. On the other hand, we saw the pleasant night view surrounding the area.

We were toured around the place with a glass kitchen to showcase the artwork behind their dishes. The chef gave a smiling face as we passed by. The big dining area can accompany 20 guests and could be booked privately. A grand event like a bachelorette party, a corporate event or a birthday dinner would be nice to have








“My mind was blown,” recalled Gonzales. “And then right after that we did the sky lanterns. It was perfect. And everybody just lay down on the beach, they just talked and jammed. That was my best memory at the hostel.”

Even better than best? The two strive to work with the community, so that as their business grows, so do that of the locals.

“We tend to focus on just one aspect of the hostel business, the accommodation, specifically for our Zambales branch,” said Dionisio. “We basically market the place, so we invite people to come in. We don’t sell food, so that allows a lot of the local businesses, sari-sari stores, and eateries to benefit from the expenditures of our customers.”

The two noticed how swiftly their neighbors’ businesses had expanded since they set up shop in Zambales.

“It’s amazing. They’re cleaning up, they have more tables, more chairs, and they’re increasing the number of products they have,” Dionisio added.

“And we also let the locals do the surf instruction,” said Gonzales. “So they rent out their boards, they teach, and they’re able to earn money. Some of their kids are now going to school. It’s really great seeing the community develop. Every time we’re there it’s like being (with) family.”

The big-hearted entrepreneurs were even asked to participate in Zambales’ board of events, particularly for the main festival, Zambapalooza.

“The rationale of the locals being, ‘If you guys make decisions, we’re sure that you will grow. And when you grow, everyone else will grow.’ We were really touched by the offer,” said Dionisio.

Of course, not everybody in the Philippines will buy into the hostel concept, especially as it hasn’t reached the mainstream as it has in Europe. It can be difficult for others to part with their creature comforts and private spaces.


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