we all have different sense of enjoyment. An the millennial will surely be in in this party houses. Since this is only for the legal age, all are accepted liquors, babes and bitches. Just make sure to go home alone without any sperm exploring your womb.






URBN opened a new branch in Quezon City in September 2015 (see my review of URBN BGC here). It replaces the 88 SuperClub which closed down a few months earlier.

It is one of the best looking nightclubs in Quezon City. As its name suggests, it is a urban club, NY-style, with a main dancefloor and sofas all around. You have a good lighting and sound system too.

The crowd is almost exclusively local, between 18 and 25. There are about 25% girls but most of them are with groups. Still, there are a few opportunities for picking up and the atmosphere is friendly.

Their current best promo is 6 local beers + 1 bottle of José Cuervo for only 950PHP (less than 20$). On Wednesday, you can also get free drinks if you arrive early (50 first guests).

The music changes every night. Regular events are: Miss Behave on Wednesdays, Outkast on Thursdays (Hip Hop/Rn’B), Festival on Friday and #ThisIsYourHouse on Saturday (EDM).



We believe the Best Night Clubs are all about escaping the boredom of everyday life and enjoying an entirely different atmosphere – this is PRIME



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